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I am a lawyer, public servant, and mental health professional. This experience has prepared me well to serve as Judge in the Court of Common Pleas.  

As a former member and President of Cleveland City Council, I am proud to have led efforts to expand legal service to low income families, pass historic human rights legislation, and put in place Cleveland's Language Access Plan.

As an attorney I have practiced in municipal courts, courts of common pleas, and courts of appeals.  While much of my practice involved civil law, my proudest accomplishments as an attorney were securing two gubernatorial pardons for people convicted of low level drug offenses.

But I did not take a traditional approach to my legal education and career. I went to law school at night while working full time as a social worker and mental health professional. Most of my time as a social worker was spent working with people struggling with mental illness in the criminal justice system.

This experience as a lawyer, public servant, and mental health professional have left me uniquely prepared to be a Judge on the Court of Common Pleas.   I would be honored by your support. 

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